Let me start by saying this is NOT a gimmick or a joke. We are not going to suddenly start spamming you! In 2015 we did something no other WordPress company has ever done when we began accepting barter as a valid form of payment. This has been a huge success, despite the naysayers saying we would lose money.

It was an innovative idea, barter for WordPress services! Well, today we are announcing another innovative idea that we hope you will love. The idea came a few years ago when I was speaking at WordCamp Fayetteville (Arkansas). I got into a pretty amazing debate about GPL Clubs and whether they are good or bad.

During this debate, I proposed an idea to a friend, who also happens to be a plugin developer. The idea is for developers to reduce or eliminate the value of GPL Clubs to users by providing plugins and themes for free but charging for support. I don’t mean having both free and paid versions. But to actually give your PREMIUM plugin or theme away, then charge for support and automatic updates.

Today I am putting my money where my mouth is by announcing a beta program offering our popular high-performance web hosting for FREE. That’s right, FREE. FOREVER. I know this sounds like a gimmick. But if you give me a chance and just read on, you will see that we are serious and we are NOT trying to trick you.

This offer is actually 2-tiered allowing you to avail of ANY of our WordPress optimized plans for free. But in full candor, only the first tier will be completely free. So here is how it will work.

Option 1: Free WP Business 1

This option gives you our WP Business 1 plan absolutely free. You do not have to purchase any other services from us and we will not spam you endlessly to buy additional services. We also will not put ads on your site. Ok, so since honesty is the best policy, there are two minor catches. 

The first catch is that this plan does not include support (except for server-related issues of course). Support will instead be offered as a paid add-on with plans starting as low as $30/yr.

The second catch is that Automatic daily backup will also be an addon. We will still maintain 3 months of monthly backups for this plan. The Daily Backups add-on will be just $10/mo and will maintain up to 90 days of backups with no space limits.

This is best for those customers that are savvy enough to manage their own WordPress website and shared hosting plan.  If you are the kind of customer that rarely sees a need to contact your hosting support team, this is a perfect solution for you.

Those who rarely or only occasionally need support can opt for pay as you go support for just $10 per issue. So if you use support less than 5 times per year, this would be perfect for you.

If you use support 5 or more times in an average year, you can purchase our annual Support plan. While in beta, this will start at just $50 a year. After the beta, we may raise the price for new customers, though we are not sure about that yet. However, if you order during the beta your price is locked in for life.

Option 2: Get WP Business 10 and WP Business Unlimited free

This option does actually require a purchase. Order any of our ongoing care plans, and get any of our WP Business plans free for as long as you maintain your care plan.  In this case, support is included as part of your care plan and will also cover hosting.

Finally, for a limited time, purchase our Octane Command Center lifetime plan and get WP Business 1 free for 6 months.

We believe in our hosting products and we know this if a great value to our customer. We believe in our customers and we want them to be successful. It is our hope that these free hosting offers will help our customers be more successful.

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