WordPress Care Plans

Managed Care Plan

Fully managed WordPress Care plan. Let us do the heavy lifting and manage your WordPress site for you. With these plans, we handle updates, backups, security, and all of the other tedious or technical tasks you don’t have the time, desire, or skills to do.

What You Get

Safe Updates

When updates are ready for your plugins, themes, or WordPress core we update on staging and test thoroughly before pushing them live


We maintain daily off-site and fully encrypted backups of every site that can be restored by you or us in minutes with a simple click

Performance Tools

Run on-demand performance tests and find out where your site(s) can improve. Detailed charts and graphs reveal problem areas.

Security Tools

Run on-demand security scans, block bad bots, stop brute-force attacks, and more right from the Octane Command Center

SEO Tools

Run instant SEO scans to find what is keeping your site from the top of Google. Analyze your sites SEO with helpful charts and graphs.


Our powerful analytics center lets you see in detail what is going on with your site. Analyze traffic, bounce rates, and more.

Uptime Monitor

Get instant notifications if your site goes down with our 24/7 uptime monitor. Review detailed logs to help discover the cause of any outage.


Monthly reports that give valuable information about your sites performance. Updates, security, SEO, changes and more.

Easy to understand plan. The only difference between plans is the amount of developer time you get!

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