It is no secret that a website can either make or break a business, as it serves as the first impression of your company. Most businesses install WordPress when they start out in order to develop their website easily. However, if you want a website that stands out from the competition, you might consider investing in a premium WordPress theme.

Premium WordPress themes offer a wealth of features and benefits that free themes simply cannot match. It is true that some free themes come with excellent designs and are great for beginners, but when it comes to taking your business to the next level, you should invest in a premium WordPress theme.

In this article, we will dive into 4 reasons why you should invest in a premium WordPress theme. From increased customization options to more reliable security features, these reasons will illustrate why a premium WordPress theme is worth the investment. Need help picking the right theme? Check out our article on The Top 10 WordPress Themes For Your Next Website.  Why Invest in a Premium WordPress Theme?

You are probably familiar with the old adage “You get what you pay for”. This is especially true when it comes to the theme you choose for your WordPress website. Sure, there are some pretty great free themes out there, but most free themes are not much more than marketing tools for a premium theme. You try a free theme with limited features and you then learn that the real power comes in paying for the premium version. This is not a bad thing of course.

Free themes tend to have very limited functionality. They often lack the advanced features needed to build a truly powerful and high-conversion WordPress website. But when you purchase a quality premium theme, you unlock a whole world of powerful features and benefits that no free theme can match.

Investing in a quality premium theme can be the difference between a so-so site that looks like hundreds of other sites out there, to a truly powerful website that stands out from the crowd. While no theme alone can make your business successful, a great premium theme can certainly give you a leg up.

1. Increased Customization Options

Premium themes come with a wide range of customization features that make building a high-converting, SEO-friendly, and responsive WordPress website easy for anyone, even those with little to no coding skills. For example, most premium themes have tools to easily change fonts, color schemes, and layouts.

Setting a logo, connecting to social media networks and newsletter management are also common features in premium themes. Some premium themes even include powerful drag-and-drop page builders that let you quickly insert both basic and advanced features on your pages. Divi is our favorite theme and is free with all of our hosting and care plans. 

2. Built-In SEO Features

Many premium themes include built-in SEO features to help you build pages that perform well with search engines like Google. These themes let you set global as well as per page/post level keywords and metatags. Some will grade your pages and posts as you build to tell you how well they are optimized for search engines.

3. Professional Design

Premium themes are built from the ground up to help you build websites that truly look professional. Get good with your favorite theme and users may never guess that you built it yourself.

On the other side of the coin, most premium WordPress themes are built better than their free counterparts. They tend to have cleaner, better-written code that follows current best practices.

4. Ongoing Support and Updates

With free themes, you are typically limited to community-based support. While there is definite value in community support, there are times when having professional high-touch support can really be helpful. Most premium themes come with a level of support not found in free WordPress themes.

Free themes may not be updated as often and tend to cease active development much more frequently than a premium theme. This makes some sense when you think about the amount of work that dedicated developers put into their premium themes. But for your business, an inactively developed theme can be a nightmare.


Free themes are a great way to get started in WordPress and they certainly have their benefits. But most users quickly outgrow free themes and find it is time to upgrade to a paid theme. If you are lucky, and the free theme you started with has a premium version, this is easy. But if you need to switch to a different theme, this can often mean rebuilding your website. For this reason, many will find that it is better to start with a premium theme in the first place. The investment is nearly always worth it in the end.

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